Coronavirus tests don’t belong behind bars

Call me an ass; it’s not the first time I’ve heard it! “Butt” I find it confusing why tax dollars are spent testing 472 inmates in Sterling prison, when so few in the “free” world are being tested! (“238 inmates positive for COVID at Sterling prison,” April 29, The Aspen Times).

Convicted criminals lose most all rights and freedoms granted by the Constitution. Granted, they are still human beings. They are also in a controlled environment and can easily shelter at home/cell. If they all get sick, so be it. Some will live and some will die, just like all of us! The odds of dying in prison by COVID are probably as good as the odds of getting shanked.

Why not test more individuals on the outside? Test more first responders, more grocery store employees, more prison guards and more people interacting within the community trying to get back to work.

I have little sympathy for the inmates who chose to commit a crime, and lots of sympathy for individuals told to close their business and laborers told to stay at home without a paycheck.

John Norman


Letter to the Editor