Cornerstone pastor stands up for kids, parents

Reading local articles regarding Cornerstone and the health authority, it appears the pastor and his congregation are a bunch of far-right bigots who want to infect everyone with COVID-19, while the holier-than-thou health authority is only concerned about protecting people.

Here’s the reality when it comes to the great mask debate:

1. Opinion on masks: Cornerstone is neither for nor against masks. The stance is people should be free to protect themselves as they wish. Whether at Sunday service or at the school, the policy is that people should be free to choose how to protect themselves. Wear five masks and get three booster shots, or do nothing at all. Manage risk as you see fit.

2. Pointing out hypocrisy: Yes, Pastor Jim Tarr has made it abundantly clear that he is against the blatant hypocrisy of national, state, local leadership. One example: former president Obama throwing a lavish (and maskless) birthday party as delta is at a high point, whiles schools are told to mask up children.

3. Parent rights: Cornerstone places parents and students above all others, especially unelected bureaucrats. This isn’t an empty promise like most schools where you see presentations or organizational charts that claim parents and students are top priority, while they actually pander to donors and unions. Pastor Jim Tarr is actually fighting and prepared to accept fines/jail to stand up for parents and students.

4. Other school outbreaks: Does anyone find it curious that other schools in our valley are having outbreaks despite following the mask mandate?

Let’s not forget that it was none other than Tony “I am science” Fauci who claimed at the beginning of all this that masks aren’t effective at stopping Covid. Maybe Cornerstone is just “following the science” that was outlined in early 2020 (or other studies since like the one recently from ONS comparing England and Scotland mask v. no mask mandates).

Or maybe the crazy Christians at Cornerstone are actually just thinkers who woke up early to the ruse that this would all end after two weeks to flatten the curve.

Chase McWhorter