Cornell Glee Club coming to Aspen

At 6:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 16, the Cornell University Glee Club will perform at Harris Hall in Aspen as part of their Four Corners Tour. The concert is co-presented by the Aspen Music Festival and School. Several local Cornell Glee Club alumni, including Ron Schiller, Alex Brose and myself, are helping to arrange this visit to Aspen, and we encourage all to come and hear this excellent group in concert. As part of their Aspen visit, the club will also present a series of workshops to local youth up and down the valley.

The Cornell University Glee Club is one of the premier all-male choirs in the country, and one of the longest-running since its founding in 1868. The Glee Club’s long history features an extensive record of concerts around the country and the globe, including high-profile performances at Madison Square Garden, the Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall, and most recently a concert tour through Guatemala and Mexico. In 2012, the Glee Club traveled to Wales to compete at the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod, where they earned second place among male choirs from around the world.

At the concert in Aspen, the Glee Club will present all-male choral music from a variety of cultures, ranging from Gregorian chants and American spirituals to 20th century works by composers such as the esteemed Veljo Tormis. This tour will also feature the premiere performance of Haitian-American composer Sydney Guillaume’s “Kanpe La.” Further selections will include explorations of the Glee Club’s theme “Looking forward, looking backward,” as the Glee Club uses music to connect hopes and fears for the future to the songs and lessons of the past. The second half of the concert will feature an appearance by The Hangovers, the a cappella subset of the Glee Club, as well as an array of traditional Cornell Songs.

David Houggy