Coram has my vote for Congress |

Coram has my vote for Congress

Approximately a week has gone by since the announcement that Don Coram, a centrist Republican state senator from Montrose, successfully petitioned onto the Republican primary ballot to oppose Lauren Boebert as our representative in the United States Congress. This feat required that Sen. Coram receive valid signatures on petitions from at least 1,500 registered Republicans in the 3rd Congressional District. To my knowledge, there has been no coverage in your paper of the fact that Lauren Boebert has an opponent in the Republican primary.

This news is especially noteworthy because whoever wins the Republican primary is likely to be the next congressperson from our district, which leans Republican by a significant margin of nine points — something that is difficult to understand from an Aspen-centric perspective. This past year, the independent state redistricting commission focused on balancing safe Republican with safe Democratic and toss-up districts. The 3rd Congressional District remains a safe Republican district.

Because of 2016’s voter-approved Proposition 108, it is now the law in Colorado that voters who are not affiliated with either major party before the primaries can vote in either major party’s primary, but not both. Unaffiliated voters will receive ballots in the mail for both major party’s primary. This year, the primaries will be held June 28.

Voters who would like to know more about Sen. Coram are invited to go to his website at http://www.CoramforCongress. Please vote for Don Coram on June 28.

Frieda Wallison

Old Snowmass