Coram has my primary vote

Resist armed tyranny! How can we consider a gun-toting woman to represent Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District’s citizens’ needs? Why should carrying a gun into Congress be accepted as making a person capable of being a fair-minded legislator?

Boebert excels only in rude heckling of the president and the toting of a firearm. Our country is awash in blood because of people like her. The Republican party is so focused on keeping the vote of extremists they won’t vote for background checks for gun ownership, and the result is murder in schools, churches and grocery stores and an armed insurrection on Jan. 6. Please vote for her opponent in the June primary, Don Coram, a man with experience in the Colorado State House, a person who works with others in a bipartisan collaboration, what we need in government. We must resist armed tyranny.

Illene Pevec