Continue renewable energy |

Continue renewable energy

I’ve spent my career working on conserving public wildlands. Why then am I writing a letter to the editor about the upcoming election at our electric utility, Holy Cross Energy? Because the two are closely connected.

Thanks to leadership from staff and the board, Holy Cross achieved 39 percent renewable energy supply last year. That means we’re burning less coal and natural gas, and getting more and more power from the sun and wind. In turn, this means there’s less pressure to drill for natural gas and mine coal on our public lands. And that’s a win for our public lands experiencing the negative impacts of a changing climate like increased wildfire seasons, uncharacteristic insect and disease outbreaks, and habitat stress. And it’s a win for us ratepayers, too, because renewables are now the cheapest source of new energy.

You can ensure this progress continues by voting for the board members who helped make it happen: Adam Palmer and Kristen Bertuglia. Keep your eyes peeled for your mail-in ballot arriving this week.

Sloan Shoemaker