Construction vehicles a safety mess up Highway 82 |

Construction vehicles a safety mess up Highway 82

While we probably need some new parking rules for the North Star Preserve due to crowding, safety and preservation of our natural land, does anyone care about the multitude of worker vehicles parked along the east part of Highway 82 (toward Mountain Valley) this winter that crowd the road and impede driver safety?

Oftentimes, two vehicles can’t even pass each other due to the plethora of construction vehicles parked for hundreds of yards along Highway 82 that essentially narrow the road down to one lane. Perhaps those engaging in residential construction should be required to provide a place for their employees to park just as commercial construction is required to provide employee housing. The road is a sludgy mess of icy ruts and coupled with the parking mess, it’s a miracle that no one has been injured or killed, especially those on bicycles or walking to the East of Aspen trail head.

Diane Spicer