Consider impacts from proposed Redstone-McClure trail |

Consider impacts from proposed Redstone-McClure trail

This is regarding the Redstone-to-McClure proposed bike trail and Wilderness Workshop’s involvement and response.

I emailed Wilderness Workshop to suggest recruiting the National Wildlife Federation but never received a reply, so I am opening up this suggestion to the public in the hope that someone can make something happen to stop the trail from moving forward. There are so many trails available already, and no one is making more land for the animals.

I refer those interested to the guest commentary by Jonathan Thompson in The Aspen Times on Jan. 19 — “Guess who has outsized clout on public lands?” — about humans’ entitlement to taking land to the detriment of wildlife. Where are the hunters in regard to this proposed trail? This trail will be traversing a portion of seldom accessed land above Highway 133 that could impact elk calving activity. Please submit comments to the Forest Service by Feb. 22 to Thanks so much for your attention to this matter.

Melissa Waters