Congrats to the new members of the Aspen Hall of Fame |

Congrats to the new members of the Aspen Hall of Fame

The Aspen Hall of Fame evening at the Hotel Jerome on Jan. 21 was worthy of five stars-plus. It was a beautiful setting, an outstanding dinner and a memorable ceremony.

The four inductees: John Callahan, Charlie and Fonda Paterson, and Lt. Col. Dick Merritt brought another fabulous addition to the Hall of Fame and everything it stands for and represents.

To not recognize and acknowledge these inductees at the Hall of Fame ceremony is not only an insult and disrespectful to both but it also is insulting and disrespectful to the people of Aspen, to the Hall of Fame board and to all of the past Hall of Fame inductees.

In conclusion, your glaring lack of coverage and acknowledgement was glaringly obvious. Hopefully, your coverage of next year’s ceremony will make up for this unfortunate oversight.

Congratulations to John, Charlie and Fonda, and to the Colonel.

Dan Glidden


Editor’s note: The Aspen Times profiled John Callahan in advance of the Hall of Fame event, and provided additional coverage leading up to the inductions.