Conflicted by the coronavirus |

Conflicted by the coronavirus

In this pandemic world, we have two alternatives.

One is to encourage or require stay or safer at home, social distancing, shutting schools, businesses and events or permitting them to operate under severe restrictions and reduced capacity. This hopefully will reduce new virus cases and deaths. On the other hand, this may extend the effects of the virus requiring the extension of business closings and damage to the economy.

The ultimate result of this alternative may very well be such extensive damage to the economy that it will impossible or at least extremely difficult to recover, causing untold harm and misery to those who survive the pandemic. This result may ultimately be far worse and damaging then the virus itself.

The other alternative is to stop the shut down and let businesses, schools, and events return to normal without restrictions. This will undoubtedly cause a more significant spread of the virus, and at least for the immediate future will result in more sickness and probably deaths. On the other hand, the effect on the economy will be far less. After a while the continued effect of the virus will undoubtedly diminish. Yes, more people will get sick and more people may die, but there will come an end, and hopefully the economy will be in a position to remain or become strong.

I just worry that trying to protect us now may cause more damage and destruction then eliminating the protections.

Eric Simon

Snowmass Village