Confessions of a CUV Wannabe

Recently I traded in my old SUV (sport utility vehicle) on a newer car — a used Ford Edge — that I have come to understand is called a CUV (crossover utility vehicle). Now I am looking around at all the other cars running around Aspen realizing that maybe I have become what is called a CUV Wannabe. All I seem to see rolling beside me are Range Rovers, Porsches, Mercedes, Audis, and other high-dollar CUVs that cost like four to five times more than mine.

My car is way fun to drive and has plenty of power and is surely the first one I have owned that will go up I-70 to the tunnel at 10 mph over the speed limit with the air conditioning on and still have more left under your foot. On flat ground you can easily get to triple digits in about 20 seconds. I can hardly imagine the performance of one of those pricey jobs.

I was starting to get quite jealous until the other day when I saw parked on Main Street this super bright yellow ultimate looking CUV which I had never seen before — a Lamborghini Urus (base price 200 grand plus four grand shipping). A couple of minutes later I was laughing out loud saying to myself, “Now everybody else in this town is a CUV Wannabe!”.

Seriously, how much car do you need? Though it may seem so at times, Highway 82 is not the Autobahn. Getting from point A to point B around here swiftly and safely is not too hard. You don’t really need to spend like a quarter million bucks to give your ass a ride. Like my friend Big G. always tells me: It’s not the arrow — it’s the Indian.

Prentice Boyd Billings