Condo Foie gras For Basalt |

Condo Foie gras For Basalt

The first time I heard about cruel Foie gras production, it made me disappointed in the human race. Foie gras is the french “delicacy” created by force feeding a goose with a feeding tube. The force feeding must seem interminable to the goose as their liver is fattened to about 10 times its normal size. After the torture, the goose is done away with. Some glutenous beings celebrate their good fortunes while creating a mouth paste with it and Champaign – before letting it slide down their gluttonous throats.

Way back in November 2014 Basalt residents responded to a survey (ETC Survey) about what they thought appropriate uses for the Pan and Fork 2.3 acre RFCDC parcel. A top choice among the 450 who responded to the survey was open park. Condos were near the bottom with only 7% of the respondents saying building upper end housing on the 2.3 acres was an acceptable use. The Roaring Fork Community Development Corporation board of “philanthropists”, as most of them proudly call themselves” and their new chosen developer, Tim Belinski, is now stuffing the feed tube with a new condo proposal. More of the same high-end condos are proposed, but they now calling them “Row-Houses”!! These serial proposed condo force feedings are now entering their fourth year after about $7.75 million in tax payer funds have been invested in and around the RFCDC parcel. How is your liver Basalt?

Mark Kwiecienski