Conditions ripe for fires |

Conditions ripe for fires

As warm, windy and dry weather conditions continue into autumn, we want to remind the public to use caution with fire as fire danger in the area continues to increase.

We are starting to see red flag warnings issued by the National Weather Service. The forecast calls for winds, low relative humidity and little to no precipitation in the near future. Fire officials are monitoring the situation closely as current fire conditions are similar to what we usually see mid-summer.

Currently there are no fire restrictions in place, but I remind everyone that 90% of wildfires are human-caused. Don’t let your guard down because the nights are getting cooler. Our afternoon burn periods are still hot and dry.

When you are out in the backcountry enjoying the beautiful fall colors, we need everyone to do their part to keep us safe. Please put your campfires out cold and call 911 report a wildfire.

Valerie MacDonald

Emergency manager, Pitkin County