Composting is the way to go |

Composting is the way to go

The following letter is in response to the July 18 column by Elizabeth Milias, “Compost this!”

I have been into the SCRAPS composting program for years now. It’s great, seriously! Please don’t discourage people from trying it!

Composting only requires a small mental adjustment to get used to separating “everything that ever lived” from packaging and plastics, and this small effort simplifies your life while almost eliminating — definitely reducing — weekly trash output.

You can pick up a free small bin to place under the kitchen sink or on the countertop with a compostable bag, which goes into the larger white bin for weekly pickup. And, my ongoing summer yard waste, which I place in large compostable bags or in my roller bin, gets picked up also!

For me, there is nothing “stinky” or inconvenient about composting, only the many obvious benefits. I am hopeful that Aspen goes all out for composting, further reducing greenhouse gases while extending the life of the landfill by years!

You are absolutely right about the horrendous traffic problem!

Nancy Tate Hall