Complexities of the Congressional Review Act |

Complexities of the Congressional Review Act

Kerry Donovan’s recent op-ed “Everyone deserves access to open internet” fails to describe the complexities of the Congressional Review Act, a controversial loophole being used by some lawmakers as an effort to promote net neutrality, but which in reality will do nothing to permanently protect a free and open internet.

While preserving net neutrality is an important goal, the current Congressional Review Act effort is not the answer. Even under the unlikely scenario that Congress passed it, the politically charged environment in Washington would only serve to push internet regulation from one extreme to the other, creating an environment that would continue to reduce broadband investment in rural communities.

Preserving an open internet that is accessible to all Americans is a critical goal. But instead of policy gimmicks, Congress should pass comprehensive legislation that permanently enshrines net neutrality principles that protects our privacy and promotes renewed investment in broadband infrastructure.

Brent Wilkes

Washington, D.C.