Community overreacting to COVID response, wearing masks |

Community overreacting to COVID response, wearing masks

Community overreacting to COVID response, wearing masks

I laugh when I see opinions on COVID-19 that say to listen to science but don’t note what science. Is it Dr. Fauci, the CDC or the WHO? They’ve been wrong on almost everything they claimed. Yes, we have a spike in cases, we are testing more. But we are NOT having a spike in deaths. Put more cars on the highway and we’ll have more accidents too.

Per, “ the United States, 1.3% of patients will die from the illness.” Most are over 75 or had underlying conditions. If I had cancer and my chance of survival is 98.7%, I’d be feeling confident.

Based on “rules” put in place, it only spreads at small businesses, the big ones stayed open. If masks work, why let criminals out of jail instead of giving them masks? Politics? The Aspen Times reported you should wear a mask if you can NOT maintain a distance of 6 feet for more than 10 minutes. Apparently no mask for 10 minutes is OK.

Aspen journalists neglect their ethical duty to report facts. Have they reported how a COVID death is determined? Nope.

Facilities get reimbursed covid death cost plus 20% to cover missed revenue from other procedures. It’s an incentive to mark it COVID related when it isn’t. (, drill in a bit).

Some doctor in town said we should all wear masks/isolate/shut down and suffer for months “for the greater good,” but admits herd immunity works.

So how about we all go back to our lives, maybe feel sick for a couple of weeks and get this over with in a much shorter period of time? If you’re one that is concerned or at high risk, how about you stay isolated/wear a mask for the greater good? Isn’t it better a few suffer rather than all for the greater good? People die every day from various causes, this is no different.

Jim Neborsky


Editor’s note: The May 16 edition of The Aspen Times includes a story “Colorado changes way it reports virus fatalities.”

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