Community Health Services behind measure 1A

I am writing to ask the Pitkin County community to continue its support of the Healthy Community Fund by renewing Ballot Initiative 1A on Nov. 6. This community should be proud of its long-term commitment to improving and supporting the health and well-being of its residents though this unique funding source. The fund should be renewed to continue that commitment.

Community Health Services is one of many local nonprofits that benefit from this fund. As one of the fortunate recipients, Community Health Services provides clinical services with a focus on prevention: preventing disease with vaccinations, preventing unintended pregnancy by offering affordable options for contraception, preventing poor oral health by offering dental hygiene services and preventing adverse birth outcomes by providing quality prenatal care. These health services may seem basic to some but, for those who are uninsured or underinsured, they do not come easy.

Community Health Services is a part of a network of agencies that creates a safety net of support for the most vulnerable and those who just need a little bit of extra support getting through a rough time. These services change people’s lives.

Stay committed to making this a healthy, safe and resilient community. Please vote “yes” on Ballot Initiative 1A to renew the Healthy Community Fund.

Liz Stark

Executive director, Community Health Services