Common Aspen ground for tennis and pickleball players

I am elated to read that an active plan for the expansion and refurbishment of the tennis and pickleball courts by the city of Aspen at the Aspen Recreation Center is underway.

It is gratifying that provisions are in place to preserve tennis opportunities for the “Weekend Wimbledon Wanabees” to dream and for the pickle-ballers to not have to stand the heat by staying out of the kitchen as they play on! The implementation of this improvement for both racquet sports should provide viable networks with outstanding service and many happy returns, if you get my drift!

Now is an appropriate time for all players to elevate their etiquette by being extra-conscious of each other’s presence in what will still be close proximity by being patient for rallies-in-progress to finish before passing through one court to the next, even along the baselines and in-between, to promote courtesy and safety.

Bernie Pearce

Aspen and Ouray