Commissioner Poschman endorses Child |

Commissioner Poschman endorses Child

It has been my pleasure to serve with Steve Child for the past four years.

Steve brings a refreshing perspective that has led to better policy. He is often the most progressive thinker, yet he often tempers it with the conservative common sense of a longtime valley rancher. He’ll uncover new perspectives, but he isn’t married to them, and he makes well-reasoned decisions. Being connected to the land, Steve has solid agriculture, environmental conservation and renewable energy credentials.

Steve has been a public servant most of his life. He taught school for years and learned how to listen, interpret, resolve and navigate conflicts early on. This is one of the most important character traits for an elected official — and it is clearly relevant to this particular election.

Additionally, Steve is the perpetual volunteer for the most difficult and unprestigious jobs … picking up trash at Carbondale Mountain Fair for years on-end, driving a school bus, removing old barbed wire to protect wildlife on our open spaces, pulling weeds, advocating for veterans and seniors, and traveling to Denver for lengthy conferences to stand up for Pitkin County, all accomplished with enthusiasm and an optimism that inspires us.

Please vote to re-elect Steve Child.

Greg Poschman

Commissioner, Pitkin County