Coming home to Aspen |

Coming home to Aspen

After a lifetime of longing and yearning to be at home in the mountains, my wife, Mary, and I recently acquired a new townhouse in Aspen. We come from Texas and it comes as no surprise that many of our neighbors are drawn to these here parts.

Consider this, in 1846 the Republic of Texas, in its cessation from Mexico, was quite a bit larger and encompassed Aspen and the surrounding Roaring Fork Valley. The Republic of Texas was an independent nation, bordering the United States and Mexico from April 21, 1836 to Feb. 19, 1846. The new Republic was formed by the defeat of Mexico in the Texas Revolution and claimed borders that encompassed an area that included the present state of Texas, as well as parts of present-day New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming.

The northern boundary reached Rawlins, Wyoming, extending south and then from Silverton following the course of the Rio Grande River.

What drew us to the Roaring Fork Valley was the warm and inviting community, sharing in the majesty of some of God’s greatest work and a common interest in outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, biking and sharing good food and drink with close friends.

What’s for certain is that the mountains here are unrivaled in so many ways so perhaps we Texans draw our yearning from a desire to return home to a part of our native roots, and share in this great place with our fellow citizens from the other great state of Colorado!

David A. Novelli

Houston and Aspen