Column topics for an Aspen conservative |

Column topics for an Aspen conservative

I thought I could offer a list of topics that a conservative columnist could address.

Conservatives often connect with the adjective “fiscal,” meaning that governments should be “run like a business.” Please explain the benefits of this fiscal year’s $1 trillion deficit. I seem to recall Obama being severely criticized for increasing the deficits.

Given that revenue is key to the success of most businesses, why would the budget and the number of staff at the IRS continue to be reduced? That is the very branch of the government that audits individuals and businesses to ensure their full payment of taxes. Without sufficient staff they do not have the ability to find the offshore accounts enjoyed by many of our wealthier taxpayers.

The U.S. State Department is one of our country’s oldest institutions. Why would the Trump administration put a hiring freeze on that department? Also, why would the budget for the defense of the foreign embassies be cut in half over the last two years? Wasn’t the point of two years and four months of the Benghazi hearings in Congress to establish that the existing protection was inadequate?

Why would the news of the ambush and deaths of American military personnel in a West African country come as a complete surprise to the congresspeople who are charged to oversee these actions? Is it not the role of the Congress to direct and authorize military action?

There is no shortage of subjects that a conservative writer could inform us on. Unfortunately, conservative media seems more inclined to offer ad hominem personal attacks on anyone who offers any criticism. President Trump roundly criticized Greta Thunberg after she became Time Magazine’s person of the year. (Hurt feelings?) Please tell me how picking on a 16-year-old climate activist is in any way helpful.

I hope The Aspen Times is soon successful in finding a new conservative opinion writer. There is so much we need to have explained.

Patrick Hunter