Column hits the mark

With reference to Roger Marolt’s Aspen Times column of Aug. 13, 2021, his remarks — his rant — is a universal plaint in cities large and small. He certainly speaks for many citizens in my town, also. (“The West End sneak is a game of survival”)

It also is a universal view among older folk, who can recall sunder days, that the vague promises of a wonderful, modern world are truly vague and that adapting to reality is far easier for some than others. I can remember Aspen in 1968 when not all the streets were paved. I can remember when the area in which I have lived for 47 years was considered a county backwater. Since 1984 it has been an incorporated city with all the hoorah that designation brings.

So, it ain’t simple to even ponder the lives around us and simpler to rail and shout and jump in front of them. A copy of Roger’s column is going to each on my city’s council people. There will be a quiz to follow.

Carleton Cronin

West Hollywood, California