Colorado’s new 8th district should represent Western Slope

It would behoove towns and communities in the 3rd Congressional District to lobby for locating the new 8th Congressional District to be on the Western Slope.

On April 26, the U. S. Census Bureau announced that Colorado would be eligible to create a new 8th Congressional District due to a 14.5% increase in population from 2010 to 2020. Denver and the Front Range have plenty of representation in Congress.

The 3rd Congressional District could be cut in half to provide the Western Slope with much-needed representation. The vast 3d District is almost the size of another state. Currently, Rep. Lauren Boebert is not representing the vast district properly.

The Western Slope needs help and professional representation in Congress. Contact your mayors and city council members to lobby for a new 8th District on the Western Slope. City officials as well as the general public should state your case with the new Colorado Redistricting Congressional Commission in Denver at the state capitol.

Randy Fricke

New Castle