Colorado will thrive with gray wolves |

Colorado will thrive with gray wolves

Proposition 107 asks Coloradans if we want gray wolves restored to Colorado. Proposition 107 provides Coloradans, all Coloradans, with an opportunity like no other — an opportunity for restoration. An opportunity for coexistence.

I, like most Western Slope Coloradans, (recent Colorado State University polling research documents that most Western Slope Coloradans support wolf restoration), welcome wolves back to their homeland. I celebrate the restoration of wolves for both the ecological benefits they will bring, and for the meeting of the ethical imperative to restore what we have damaged.

We are in a human-driven biodiversity crisis. Restoring wolves to Colorado can help reverse that crisis. Reliable science documents that wolves can be an important force in restoring a natural balance, enhancing biodiversity and restoring resiliency to natural ecosystems. Ecosystems that provide humans with clean air, clean water and climate moderation.

More, wolves are the essence of wilderness and of wildness, and “in wildness is the preservation of the world.”

Proposition 107 has prompted unwarranted fear of wolf impacts. We have 25 years of scientific research on wolves in the northern Rocky Mountains which debunks these myth-based fears and provides facts with which to make sustainable decisions.

Examining 2015 statistics on cattle in the northern Rocky Mountains in counties shared with wolves, we see an inventory of 1.65 million cows with 148 livestock lost to wolves — a loss rate of about 0.009%. In Washington and Oregon, cattle total 1.98 million with 158 losses to wolves and a loss rate of .007%. And, if proven livestock-carnivore coexistence strategies are implemented losses often go to zero.

Wolves can be restored and managed by CPW scientifically, humanely, effectively, affordably and respectfully of the needs and concerns of Coloradans.

Colorado needs wolves to restore a natural balance for now and future generations. Vote yes for Proposition 107.

Delia Malone


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