Colin Wilhelm will address mental-health care issues |

Colin Wilhelm will address mental-health care issues

Wilhelm will address mental-health care issues

I am voting for Colin Wilhelm for House District 57 because he supports a proactive plan to ensure accessible and affordable mental health care services for all Coloradans.

Mental health issues are complex and a multi-faceted approach towards solutions is needed, now more than ever, to ensure affected individuals, families and communities will find success.

Colorado has one of the highest suicide rates in the country, particularly amongst youth, ages 15 to 19. According to a September 2019 Colorado Public Radio report, our state’s teen suicide rate increased 58 percent from 2016 to 2019. Wilhelm will prioritize bringing forth legislation to improve and deliver preventive mental health services to schools, including prevention programming and the early identification of mental health challenges for students. He is committed to helping school districts secure the funding, from the state level, which is necessary to competently address this ever-growing problem.

Another issue we experience in this part of Colorado is the lack of access to mental-health care. We are in need of an increased number of outpatient treatment facilities in our district. The other problem is that these services must be affordable. Many times, mental health services are not covered by health care insurance and are too expensive to be paid out-of-pocket. Colin supports medical-insurance providers covering mental-health care services as they would any physical ailment or disease.

Colin understands these much-needed solutions can turn around the lives of the individuals and the families who deal with mental illness on a daily basis. Their voices will be heard with Colin Wilhelm as our House District 57 representative.

Jeanne Souldern