Colin Wilhelm has my vote |

Colin Wilhelm has my vote

In 2018 we elected Jared Polis as governor of Colorado, because he promised to make health care more accessible and affordable, make education better, and to make higher education more affordable.

Gov. Polis is working to accomplish things he promised; it takes time and support from us to make change happen. Colin Wilhelm, who is running for Colorado House District 57, will support Polis’s agenda.

Health care is a right, and education is especially important, now, more than ever, with technology moving so fast, challenges and breakthroughs in medicine, coronavirus and climate change threatening our existence.

Our young people should not be saddled with lifelong debt because they went to college to better themselves. We need educated people to be doctors, engineers, lawyers and mechanics.

The Republican platform is whatever Donald Trump wants to do. What is that supposed to mean to us when we are trying to decide who to vote for, and what they stand for?

We have a choice Nov. 3; we can elect people who will help Gov. Polis do what he promised, what we elected him to do.

I will be voting for Colin Wilhelm this November, to help get things done in Denver, for all Coloradans.

Vote. Encourage others to vote, up and down the ballot.

James Gilliam