CO2 gets bad wrap in manufactured crisis

The pseudo-science religion called “climate change” that falsely implicates CO2 as the climate monster has become the perceived life raft for the panicked Democratic party.

They call their absurd warming conclusion “science” as it appeals to the ignorant and simplistic dull thinking socialists since their theories do not stand up in an open discussion. They label real thinkers who have researched this and see the illusion “deniers.” They justify having kids carry their message and persecute other kids as just kids being kids.

The One World Government movement that is working through the Democratic party is using this as their justification for the global tax they want would allow more money to buy super-expensive, special-interest products. Yes, buying electric buses, like Aspen just did for about $1.2 million each, is their solution to this invented crisis. Aspen just bought nine of them for $11 million. Those buses hold 35 passengers. That equals $34,285 of taxpayer funds per passenger bus seat!

Mark Kwiecienski