Closing Independence Pass was a cop out |

Closing Independence Pass was a cop out

I was dismayed to learn that our sheriff and the Colorado State Patrol were the moving forces in persuading the state to close Independence Pass as a safety measure in response to the closing of Interstate 70 in the wake of the Grizzly Creek fire. It seems to me that the correct response would have been a control and patrol combination to closely oversee automobile traffic and prohibit illegal truck traffic.

I am afraid that Aspen and other mountain communities’ economic health and wellbeing has been sacrificed because our sheriff and State Patrol did not make the effort to devise an effective strategy to deal with the situation at hand.

This is not the only weekend where the pass has been choked with automobile traffic. Nor is this the only time that trucks have tried to make illegal use of the pass. Granted, the number of vehicles expected with the closure of I-70 may be as high or higher than a busy summer weekend. Nevertheless, closing the pass, rather than managing the traffic punishes our city and other communities at a time and for an uncertain duration that seems uncalled for when less restrictive measures, should have been explored and carefully implemented. It is not to late to make this right.

Richard Felder