Closing Aspen and Snowmass cross-country venues is premature |

Closing Aspen and Snowmass cross-country venues is premature

Dear city and town councils and editor,

In this fabulous winter, where we’ve exceeded the prayers of a snowy winter (after last year’s meager snowfall totals), I find it mind-boggling that the Aspen Cross Country Center and the Snowmass Cross Country Center will be kicked out of their stores to make way for their respective golf retail shops! As I understand it, the Snowmass XC center closes next week, March 20, and the Aspen XC center the week after!

We are a ski resort, with tourists traveling here from across the country and world to enjoy our famous alpine and cross-country offerings. Why would you close the two retail and rental cross country centers before the end of the ski season? I’m sure that the Aspen Skiing Co, will be considering extending the season on their mountains.

The golf courses will certainly open later this spring, due to the huge winter blanket of snow currently piling up on them. Let’s keep the cross-country centers open at least until the first week of April, maybe longer!

Craig Ward