Close Krabloonik now |

Close Krabloonik now

This is an open letter to the town of Snowmass Village council and staff.

I am angry, very angry. We went through this outrage, pain and sorrow seven years ago: animal cruelty and alleged business mismanagement of Krabloonik Dog Sledding by its previous owner, Dan MacEachen.

Here we are again. This time the beating of a sled dog in harness is on video, and multiple issues with the compliance of the lease have been made public. The town of Snowmass is the landlord on the lease, presumably the body that is tasked with making sure its lessee is in compliance with the lease.

This may sound harsh. I conclude that the TOSV, despite the previous debacle, has been asleep at the switch again. Relying on an Advisory Committee with no clear mandate to do the oversight. This is not about an “amenity.” It is about animal welfare, animal cruelty and turning a blind eye.

I moved from the Roaring Fork Valley in December 2021, taking with me my roots, my tether to a place that was my home for so many years. Looking at a painting Campbell Hutchinson painted of my father (Stuart Mace) that hangs above my desk, I say with the heaviest of hearts, please close Krabloonik. He gave to the town of Snowmass, via Krabloonik, an extraordinary gift — now squandered by two owners and the Town Council. Enough.

Lynne Pfrimmer Mace

Washington, Virginia