Climate change collusion |

Climate change collusion

“Man-made climate change” is set up as a “science religion” designed to give more control to those who have their hands of levers of currency and mega oil reserves. It provides them a feudal support network. Circuitous paths lead through this garden of pseudo-science deception where hypotheses, religious control techniques and organizational structures exceeding that of the Manhattan Project intertwine.


•Making CO2 the devil — The evidence I have seen suggests a worldwide network had been assembled employing mainstream media full time to make CO2 the devil. Mention and weave the “climate change” concept in any “news” story and the money flows to the media gatekeepers.

•Climate change franchise benefits — A perfect fit for fading imperialists. Tax sharing, subsidy sharing, political assistance sharing, government-control assistance. It does not matter that solar and wind are ineffective to deliver needed energy or that CO2 does not cause warming. Once taxes are in place, the politics will self-grease.

•War on oil and coal — In 2007, the EPA ruled that CO2 could only be restricted if it could be demonstrated as a health hazard. Between 2007 and 2009, many extremely biased studies were produced. Those wanting to get rid of coal and oil needed to commission scary forecasts. Commissioned scientists made very scary forecasts that allowed the EPA to declare CO2 an endangerment. That domino fell. Many coal and oil power plants in the U.S. closed with the hope that tax subsidized wind and solar would replace them.

•War on nuclear — In 2010 Hillary Clinton oversaw the sale of 20% of America’s uranium to Russian interests. The U.S. now has a limited supply of uranium for expansion of nuclear energy production without replenishment, the hope being solar and wind will replace.

Until the globalist UN is either defeated or in place, the indoctrination and the hysteria will continue.

Mark Kwiecienski