Clean-up time for Basalt Sanitation District

What is the stench coming from the Basalt Sanitation District? As a former director of the Basalt Sanitation District in the 1980s, I am appalled by the recent behavior of the Basalt Sanitation District employees and board.

The rudeness and lack of civility apparently is system-wide. A recent application for sewer service for a new single-family home triggered misrepresentations, obstruction, overcharging, invalid code violation complaints to Eagle County, and arbitrary revisions to the published codes specifically to affect the project.

In checking with others in the town of Basalt, our experience is the rule rather than the exception. Another citizen was required to redesign their residence due to misplacement of the sewer line by the district. A local business was threatened with arbitrary recalculation of sewer tap and service fees nearly 20 years after the building was built. Simple open-records request regulations are ignored. The board has failed to address this behavior in any meaningful way.

I think it is time for a clean sweep. The board should resign and a new board elected to return the Basalt Sanitation District to its proper function as a utility responsible for clean water and public health.

Ted Guy