Clean power clarifications |

Clean power clarifications

For the record: The proposed 1.2 Megawatt Turbine for the “Castle Creek Energy Center” would not “destroy ecosystems” as Maurice Emmer implies. Instead, with minimal impact on the environment, it could and should provide emergency power and clean energy in the event of a power outage. “Additional power lines over Ajax and Red Mountains” is a dumb idea. Maurice should stick to what he’s good at: blowing hot air! This might provide enough electricity to light his own little Christmas tree.

Ward Hauenstein fails to recognize, or understand, the concept of clean power that would be used to provide essential power during emergencies or supplement grid power. Wind, solar, and hydro are all part of the future energy equation. Ward should consider this during the next power outage and be thankful that essential services have emergency generators while he looks at his council packet by candlelight.

Jim Markalunas