Clean fossil fuels the way to go |

Clean fossil fuels the way to go

The following letter was sent to members of Aspen City Council and the Pitkin Board of County Commissioners.

Dear honorable local governmental officials,

When I read the headlines that our Colorado governor was in Aspen to speak next to the “melting gondola” to show us the danger of climate change, I am guessing you may not be aware of the necessity to responsibly combine “green” with fossil fuels.

I know you are aware of what makes batteries — like lithium from China, Afghanistan, Russia and Ukraine, plus large amounts of CO2 in the construction process, and there is also no place to dispose of batteries. Looks like no problem getting that now?

Colorado is sitting on clean fossil energy to help keep us energy independent and away from buying gas and oil from Venezuela and other dictator-run countries who love to start wars with us — oh, and create tons more carbon than America.

Yes, I am sending this to the newspapers because this all-green is what Putin loves so he can go to war and sell his fuel to everyone else naïve enough to shut theirs down — like most of Europe, oh, and America.

Almost every product we use is made from some form of petroleum — even gondolas. Maybe we need a science competition to come up with alternatives or combinations but not shutting down our supplies until that magic time.

Lorrie Winnerman