Clarifying Centennial story |

Clarifying Centennial story

Regarding the Friday story about Centennial affordable housing (“City of Aspen looking to spend $10 million to preserve rent-controlled apartments,” two factual points and an opinion: First, and most important: The unusual expiration time for the deed restrictions was not established in settlement of a legal dispute with Sam Brown, but rather part of normal county-developer negotiations. That’s an easy mistake to make because the Centennial project resulted from a lawsuit with a different developer.

Second point: My friend Jim True was not a commissioner at the time of the negotiations. If he was, then expiration of the restrictions also would be a function of his expiration, not only mine.

And third, an opinion offered as one of the founders of the housing program: The city should buy the deed restrictions soon. The situation can only get more expensive over time. And yes, I know, it’s easy for me to say.

Michael Kinsley

Old Snowmass