Clarification on city offices |

Clarification on city offices

Bert Myin’s letter on city offices is more creative writing than fact. His numbers generate an impressive argument for his position, however, they are wrong. The actual housing-mitigation requirements are: 517 Hopkins Ave. requires an additional 15.74 FTEs of mitigation — this includes credits for the existing building at 517. 204 Galena St. requires no additional housing mitigation. The mitigation requirements for the Galena parcel are 51.6 FTEs. Therefore, the Galena option requires 35.86 more FTE mitigation than the 517/204 option. At current mitigation costs of $238,690 per FTE, the total for Galena parcel is $8.56 million not the $200 million Myrin presents. (Source: Aspen Community Development Department)

I feel it is important to be honest and transparent with the citizens. Presenting vastly inflated housing-mitigation costs does not honor the truth. If the citizens are to vote on where new city offices are to be located we should all pledge to be truthful in the presentation of the facts.

Bert’s suggestion of using the Galena parcel for affordable housing has merit and deserves our consideration.

Toni Kronberg’s call for me to recuse myself are off the mark. It is totally appropriate for either Myrin or me to discuss city offices. I do support Kronberg’s letter calling for a vote. As a matter of fact, I made that request over two months ago at a City Council meeting and have continued to support a vote. I support 517/204, Galena Ordinance 4 as approved or one-roof as choices.

Ward Hauenstein


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