Clapper’s solution puts pedestrians in danger |

Clapper’s solution puts pedestrians in danger

The intersection at Eighth Avenue and Hallam Street has been identified as the most dangerous crossing in Aspen. Curing some of causes is one reason for the up-coming improvements along the Castle Creek bridge approach. But Patti Clapper demonstrating stupidity or ignorance (or both) explains a principle reason for the danger – lack of attention by drivers. Offering a solution for those stuck in traffic around the S-curves Clapper suggests, “Call your mother. Talk to your kids in the back seat. Turn up the radio and sing at the top of your lungs.” (The Aspen Times, March 27). Great advice for drivers Patti, cruise through talking on your cell phone, do anything but pay attention to the pedestrians (your constituents) trying to cross the street.

You are running for re-election: can we please find another candidate with a modicum of common sense and intelligence that the incumbent clearly lacks?

Neil B. Siegel