Civility and respect take personal responsibility |

Civility and respect take personal responsibility

I agree with Maurice Emmer (“And they call it the tolerant left,” letters, The Aspen Times). I am disappointed by the actions of some people opposed to Trump. Suppressing First Amendment rights by removing, defacing or destroying Trump’s political signs is unacceptable behavior. I hope and pray for civil discourse in this country. Seventy million people voted for Trump. I despise the man but respect the mostly rural supporters who voted for him. I want our country united not divided. I think Trump is an element of division.

I appeal to everyone to be compassionate, and respectful listeners and reach out to people that do not share your own views. The healing this country needs starts with each of us making an effort to mend our wounds.

“A house divided against itself, cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half slave and half free.” — Abraham Lincoln June 16, 1858.

Our country has never been united; it has been divided since before the birth of our nation. It is naive to expect a truly united nation. It is possible, I pray, that we can be civil and respectful to each other. It starts with each of us.

Ward Hauenstein


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