City is tone deaf to real needs of constituents |

City is tone deaf to real needs of constituents

I could not agree more with Meredith C. Carroll’s opinion on the Castle Creek Bridge. Aspen’s elected and unelected officials pursue their pet projects oblivious to the real needs and desires of their constituents. Spending nearly $5 million to widen an unnecessary bike lane and revamp bus shelters while massively inconveniencing motorists and West End residents is the definition of being tone deaf. Eliminating parking spaces to add bike lanes in the quixotic attempt to lure more bicycle riders to the Core is similarly tone deaf. I’m sure we can all imagine the parade of bicycles ridden by New Year’s Eve party goers in their evening dress pulling up to the Caribou Club. If these officials really wanted to benefit constituents, they would figure out how to add parking spots not remove them. People drive to the Core because they want or need to not because they’re afraid to bike there.

Jake Brace