City favors corporations over Aspen citizenry |

City favors corporations over Aspen citizenry

As the home-owning population continues to languish under the restrictions of the “emergency” development and construction moratorium, the application from the new Salamander ownership of the Aspen Meadows resort passes through the city permitting process at a rapid clip.

A perfectly good accommodation with beautiful existing amenities and rooms, this short-term rental establishment, that’s about to get a whole lot more expensive, alongside an extensive and unnecessary renovation, seems to be existing in a separate reality from the city’s and onlooker’s perspective. Yet one more example of the way “rules” are applied to individual homeowners and citizens versus corporate resort entities by the city of Aspen and elected “representatives.” Hotels are large-scale, short-term rental establishments, lest we forget, with Meadows resort rooms a lot bigger than some of the “studios” being rented out as permanent homes in Aspen these days. Sadly, this resort’s expectation of return on investment will likely make those rooms a lot smaller once the hammering stops.

Andrew Scott