City Council in good hands with Rose

My gratitude for the Aspen community has never been greater than during these challenging times, and I commend and praise those who are willing to step forward and take on the position and responsibilities of being a member of the Aspen City Council.

And Sam Rose has my upmost praise and support. At the end of 2020, my family and I went through an incredibly testing time with COVID-19, and I would have never been able to navigate it without Sam. I can only imagine the amount of time and work it takes to be the lead case investigator for the Pitkin County’s COVID-19 response team, yet Sam was always available to me and my family, even taking calls and texts outside of his work hours to answer questions and ease my mind. He exemplified compassion, selflessness and good old hard work and grit.

Our family is grateful for his dedication and empathy. We are already lucky to have Sam in our community, and I believe with Sam Rose on City Council, we will be in very good hands.

Connie Luu