City Council hardly progressive on entrance to Aspen |

City Council hardly progressive on entrance to Aspen

The letter “S curves problem solved” (Aug. 25, The Aspen Times) is another example of clueless suggestions to solve Aspen’s traffic problem.

The author cannot even get his bridges straight; the Maroon Creek bridge (mentioned by the author) is new, four lanes with a pedestrian walk. It is the two-lane Castle Creek bridge that is a pinch point. At least since 2004 it has been pointed out in studies that an effective solution is a three-lane bridge with one reversible lane. The ped/bike lane project is now approved over this ancient and oft repaired bridge. The state-owned bridge is rated “fair” meaning that it is structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. See

One would envision that our forward-thinking city of Aspen government would ask for state-paid improvements to this bridge as a part of that project. But no, going back over decades, city councils have done nothing to seriously address traffic flow, one of Aspen’s most rankling problems.

It is not because of a lack of viable solutions. Rather it is denial, akin to the medieval king trying to will away the incoming tide from his castle. But vehicles, like the lunar tidal cycle, will continue to flood and into and out of town on a periodic cycle. What will it take (i.e. the bridge failing completely) for our city stewards to stop looking at the moon and consider a down-to-Earth solution?

Neil B. Siegel


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