Choked out by Aspen’s rarified air |

Choked out by Aspen’s rarified air

Thanks, Aspen, but no thanks — because not everyone wants to:

• Cater to the top 2%.

• Commute back and forth to Aspen with the masses with the two-lane to one-lane log jam.

• Compete and struggle in the red tape of compromising seasonal housing or the beyond sky-high rental market.

• Experience the snub from the high-end, live-in tourists who take it all for granted in their overpriced SUVs.

• Seeing the heart of the town (mom-and pop-stores) suffer and give in to corporate takeover.

• Live in a place where obviously tourism is more important than community.

I am sure it is not all negative. However, I love Aspen but sure as hell don’t love what Aspen has become.

Just a few more comments. Sorry. If you have DBR plates, you’re not a local … yet.

And Aspen Skiing Co., thank you for a great season but clean the inside of your gondola car windows. It’s a disgrace. And I thought we were the best in the most pristine place ever. Let’s let us see that.

And thanks, Snowmass ski patrol, for knocking down the Stien Eriksen shrine. I’m sure we can live without that one (how much more sarcastic should I get?).

I know that I am gone. But Aspen, you are too far gone.

Kurt Kalinna


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