Chivalry not dead in Aspen, Snowmass |

Chivalry not dead in Aspen, Snowmass

I wanted to sincerely thank two young men: Jordan and Kyle/Kevin. These upstanding gentlemen were witnesses to a sad and strange affair, involving me, on a 2:15 a.m. RFTA bus going from Ruby Park to the intercept lot on Friday, Dec. 20.

I’m guessing they were headed to Snowmass, so if you know them (note: Jordan is an athletic build with square jaw, light brown hair and blue eyes, and Kyle/Kevin, has thick shock of awesome red hair), please share my gratitude with them. These twenty-somethings stood by my side when a man began harassing me about my appearance and asking what stop I was getting off at. When I challenged him to stop this behavior, the female security officer on the bus reprimanded me for raising my voice and disturbing the bus. I was horrified and questioned her as to why I was her target when I was the one being victimized.

That’s when Jordan and Kevin/Kyle stood up to her and let her know I was being harassed. She still continued her tirade against me, threatening to kick me off the bus (which she didn’t do) and refusing to provide her name, but knowing I had two good soldiers by my side made all the difference.

Thank you, Jordan and Kyle/Kevin, and I’m sorry I couldn’t recall your name Kyle/Kevin.

Leah Fielding