Child stands tall among leaders

Please vote for Steve Child, a very valuable and knowledgable member of our community.

He is the individual who supports our seniors, the environmentalists, the ranchers and farmers, the veterans and our weed board!

Steve has dedicated many hours during his tenure as a Pitkin County commissioner to fight against climate change, and to try to protect our future with snow and winter sports, which are extremely important to our economy, while also placing an emphasis on renewable energy and energy efficiency measures in county buildings and fleet.

Steve also believes in setting a high bar on International Energy Code for residential buildings and working with the city of Aspen on developing its greenhouse gas toolkit.

He also respects our environment by leading by example on his ranch and in his lifestyle.

We need someone with his knowledge and caliber of various assorted interests concerning various aspects of our community that make our life here so exemplary now and for the future.

I’ve had the privilege and honor to know Steve for years and he is worthy of our support, so please consider to re-elect Steve when voting your ballot.

Marie Kelly