Child offers solutions, Council offers criticism |

Child offers solutions, Council offers criticism

I will collaborate with all commissioners, but hope Steve Child remains on the Pitkin Board of County Commissioners. His opponent calls the race a “study in contrasts,” and I agree. Steve is one of the most caring and out-of-the-box thinkers. I’ve traveled frequently with Steve for statewide policy work and delighted in Steve’s stories, deep knowledge of our region, and progressive ideas to our community’s pressing problems. In meetings where Pitkin’s politics diverge from other stakeholders, Steve’s demeanor and perspective achieve broad-base compromises. We should seek continued successes and re-elect Steve.

I see two pitfalls for Steve. He has eccentric ideas. Yet they sometimes strike the essential balance between values and rights. Second, Steve highlights empathy and an individual’s plight when firmer objectivity is due. During this time of division in America, Steve’s humanity and decency is likewise due.

Conversely, Chris Council has seized on the year’s most difficult moments and repeated headlines rather than offer thoughtful solutions. No one anticipated a pandemic and no one thinks we got it all right. Council’s contributions were to critique our communications and highly acclaimed Incident Management Team, and a call to fire public health staff. At a time of tremendous uncertainty, Council wanted us to eliminate the subject matter expertise charged with coordinating our recovery. Beyond being out of the BOCC’s scope to fire departmental staff, this type of idea is rash and reckless. Council hasn’t offered any illustration of how he has positively tried to help our community recover from COVID-19.

Council’s platform — increased COVID testing, expanded insurance options, affordable housing solutions — are all underway and gaining momentum due to Steve Child’s stewardship on the BOCC. This election is surely a “study in contrasts,” demonstrated by Steve’s measured and inventive ideas that he consistently brings to the table with kindness and grace.

Kelly McNicholas Kury