Chaucer, Swift and … Beaton? |

Chaucer, Swift and … Beaton?

I’m so relieved to hear that Glenn Beaton is really a satirist! Now I understand that his twisting of facts in a seemingly desperate attempt to prove there is a shred of merit in supporting a political party that has found itself in such an unfortunate position was just a ruse.

By the way, recent news: Donald J. Trump has finally been held accountable for using funds from his nonprofit charity account in ways that benefited himself and his businesses. Yes, can you imagine? Many thousands of dollars over the course of many years. Did you know he was capable of such a thing? Gosh, can we see his tax returns yet?

Anyway, back to Beaton. I just can’t tell you of my relief to know that he will be casting his next ballot for a truthful, honest candidate; someone who treats both men and women of all nationalities, races, ages and abilities with respect; someone who demonstrates the ability to lead our country with intelligence and integrity. Challenge to Republicans: Present us with such a candidate.

Annette Roberts-Gray