Changes at the airport |

Changes at the airport

The Board of County Commissioners, the airport and county managers have put forth a plan to create an airport facility totally inappropriate for our small community.

The concept is hypocritical, as the thrust of a 737 is far greater than the current commercial jets, and greater thrust means more noise and fuel pollution, even as we tout our communties’s environmental work to lessen pollution and impacts to the environment.

Do we really need an enormous new terminal? We have watched the current terminal go from a small-town feel to media hype with multiple large screens selling multimillion-dollar houses, liquor and luxury cars. Why assault our guests with ads when we should create a welcoming atmosphere at our terminal?

We are told that airport improvements can only be accomplished with federal funds that mandate allowing jets with larger wing spans than the new generation of regional and corporate jets. It is our understanding that the runway can be widened to allow width to accomodate the new corporate and regional jets, at a cost far less than what is needed for the 737 jets, and without the necessity of closing the airport for an extended period.

We call for transparency on what is planned versus other alternatives, as it seems the current proposal carries an enormous price tag and would have detrimental community impact. Our local government needs to consider the alternatives and show them to the community.

John Wilcox