Change needed on Aspen school board |

Change needed on Aspen school board

We would like to offer our support for Dwayne Romero and Dr. Suzy Zimet for the current Board of Education election. We have known both of them for over a decade in a variety of capacities: amazing parents, great spouses, active community members — both in the public eye, as well as under the radar via volunteer and other community-oriented activities. We think seeing at least one set of news eyes at the board level will be beneficial to the board itself, teachers, administration, and most importantly, the students.

Bigger picture, it is more than a bit disappointing to see the growing discord within the community. From Katy’s long-term work on the District’s Financial Accountability Board, to both of our many hours volunteering at both the elementary and middle school, we know the district is not falling apart — not by a long shot. Having said that, and with all due respect to the current hard-working members of the board, it is also apparent to us that they need to do a better job of listening and communicating with others, not least the District Accountability Board, which is made up of a bunch of dedicated parents who are also looking out for the best intentions of our students.

Being more open-minded when people raise concerns is also something we would like to see at the board level. While testing is of course only one piece of measuring success, it is no doubt an important piece. Without wanting to or knowing the specifics of the results, it is fairly apparent to us there are some trends that should minimally give leadership some moments to pause and reflect; more than what seems to currently happening.

Irrespective of the outcome (it would be hard to see the board not in good hands regardless of the outcome), we would like to see some time dedicated to having some broader community meetings and dialogue; partly to have a post-election discussion regarding the recent test results and other issues that have been raised in the campaign, and partly to start a bit of a healing process that appears to be needed for all of us.

Katy and Adam Frisch