Chamber backs hospital expansion |

Chamber backs hospital expansion


Chamber backs hospital expansion

Dear Editor:

The Aspen Chamber Resort Association is in full support of Aspen Valley Hospital Phases III and IV. Phases III and IV address important areas for patient care including the emergency department, surgery, diagnostic imaging, the lab, specialty clinics and registration/admissions. We are very pleased with the public outreach the hospital has engaged in and the executive team has kept our board informed of the process. The quality of a community can be determined by education and health-care delivery. These areas are a critical foundation of our community.

Our current hospital is over 30 years old and the way services are delivered today are much different. So much dedication and thought has gone into the entire project for the betterment of the residents and visitors. With the largest section of the new hospital built out, Phases III and IV will not leave a large footprint,;with the addition of landscaping and tree coverage the overall building impact will be lessened. The construction of the buildings were in phases, not priority, to be fiscally responsible with construction costs. The hospital is not looking for taxpayer dollars but is raising the funds required to finish the project through a capital campaign, which is currently underway.

In our opinion, the hospital is in great need of modernization; this is not an issue of being the Mayo Clinic of the mountains, but having privacy and building standards for the next 30 years. Our community aspires to greatness and having a hospital that can properly care for our children, our seniors, our visitors and ourselves should be a top community priority. Aspen was founded on the Mind, Body, Spirit mantra — Aspen Valley Hospital is a critical component in that phrase.

As one of our board members said, “Aspen Valley Hospital is a place that we all will come to depend on whether it’s a happy occasion like a birth, an elective procedure or an accidental injury. In all cases, we all will want to feel that we have invested in a facility that can give us, our families and our guests the best care and the best experience possible.”

We urge you to approve this important community asset. Thank you for your consideration.

Debbie Braun

President, Aspen Chamber Resort Association